Effective Use of Information Technology

November 03, 2011


Workshop’s Agenda

3rd West Coast Workshop on Workforce Reliability

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Welcome / Purpose of Workshop

Jill Duerig, General Manager, Zone 7
Cheryl Davis, Baywork Chair

Bridging the IT Gap to Support our Workforce Goals

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Tim Worley, Executive Director, Cal/Nevada AWWA

Geographic Information Systems/Global Positioning Systems

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Tim Hayes, City of San Jose
Carl Von Stetten, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Jeff Hobbs, San Jose Water


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Clifford Chan, EBMUD
Scott Peterson, San Jose Water
Curt Rayer, San Jose Water
Sandy Smith, Tampa Bay Water

Use of IT to Support Training & Knowledge Management

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Distance Learning – Videoconferencing – Jim McPherson, USD
Distance Learning – Webinars – Ed Sullivan, EBMUD
Video Standard Operating Procedures – Doug Gey, Laney College
mIToolbox – Carolyn Jones, SFPUC

Use of Mobile Devices

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Clifford Chan, EBMUD
Ken Salmon, SFPUC
Leonard Robb, Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant

Breakout Sessions by Interest Area

Questions for Breakout Session Facilitators
Report Back to Group
Discussion of Next Steps

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