Why do we need Engineers?

Engineering is an exciting profession that makes a difference in our world. Engineers play a critical role in providing clean, safe water to sustain life and support our economy. This includes planning, design and construction of new facilities as well as maintenance of existing ones. Engineering jobs in the water and wastewater industry provide the opportunity to earn a good living for yourself and your family while serving your community and protecting the environment.

7.5 million Bay Area residents use on average 70 gallons of water indoors per person, per day, equating to 525 million gallons. Drinking water is provided by over 50 agencies in the Bay Area. Wastewater is managed and treated by over 60 agencies in the Bay Area.

Many of the engineering jobs in the water and wastewater industry are in the specialties below:
How do they feel about their work?

BAYWORK agencies have gathered profiles, photos and videos of engineers working in the water/wastewater industry, to give you an idea of what they do, how they feel about it, and how they got there. These case studies will take you behind the scenes at some of the Bay Area’s water and wastewater utilities.

“There are two things that make my job enjoyable. The first is the satisfaction of knowing that I am building infrastructure that keeps the environment safe from wastewater and pollution. The second is that even though this is a position in civil engineering, I am exposed to all of the other engineering disciplines…. This keeps the job interesting and allows me to learn about things that I might not otherwise be exposed to.”
Chris Pachmayer, Union Sanitary District

Video of Bay Area engineers in the water/wastewater industry

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