Jerame Mendler, Wastewater Treatment Operator, City of Pacifica

Jerame is a leader and role model for City of Pacifica Wastewater Division. He’s dedicated to his job and consistently demonstrates a high work ethic and integrity. Jerame grew up in Pacifica and he’s committed to providing the highest level of service to his home community.

For example, earlier this year when the region experienced heavy storms, the City of Pacifica like all other agencies experienced treatment capacity issues. Jerame helped lead the effort to guide the operation team out of this difficult time. Jerame assisted and helped resolve issues with our sand filter and decanting process during the height of the storm season.

Jerame is also actively training the next generation of operators and preparing for the next level of wastewater operator certification exam. Through his dedication, patience, and investment in training and coaching, City of Pacifica will continue to foster new operators into the wastewater industry.

We at City of Pacifica appreciate everything Jerame does for our Residents, Community, Environment, and his team. We look forward to seeing his continual growth for many years to come.

Norberto “Beto” Martinez, Interim Facilities Maintenance Administrator, CCWD

Norberto “Beto” Martinez is a kind, dedicated, service-driven professional. When the Facilities Maintenance Administrator retired last year, he gracefully stepped into an interim position without skipping a beat, and he shines brightly in this role.

No matter how big or small the task, Beto willingly offers help, shows up, and finds solutions. He’s always got the most positive attitude and has made several of my department’s undertakings easier. He’s an exemplary staff member and vital to the CCWD team.

Stephen Sandberg, Senior Systems Engineer, CCWD

With over 16 years of service to the Contra Costa Water District, Stephen is an incredible resource and asset to our everyday operations. His ability to relate, explain, explore and teach are evident, as he’s part of each new employee’s onboarding process.

He’s always available to help in times of need and goes above and beyond to make the endeavors of CCWD successful.

Joey Smith, Water Conservation Technician, EBMUD

Joey started her career with EBMUD in 1992 as a Utility Laborer in the Special Employment Program and went on to become a Utility Plumber in 1994. She continued her personal growth and has held several roles at EBMUD including currently serving as President of the AFSCME Local 2019 Union.

Joey has been a member of the District’s Values Team, is currently a member of our EBMUD Community Leaders, as well as a member of the Diversity Committee which assists with recruitment and outreach.  Joey is passionate about helping others enter the career paths at EBMUD, serving as a mentor to co-workers and JVS program participants over the years and today, and is an advocate for all District employees and the community that we serve.

Bruce Gallego, Wastewater Treatment Operator, Union Sanitary

Bruce was nominated by his peers for being a model of environmental stewardship as well as for his consistent work ethic, and exemplary integrity.

Bruce’s consistent work ethic and integrity are exemplary of how an Operator should carry him and ensures the entire Operations team at Union Sanitary District is operating at a high level because he is always willing to put them on his back. He also is an avid fisherman in his free time and takes the industry of Wastewater Treatment very seriously. An example of this was demonstrated this past year when USD had to treat an abnormally large amount of water due to the heavy rains. This was a stressful time for every Water Agency in the Bay Area due to Treatment Capacity issues, but our level of stress was increased due to us having a new Chemical Dosing System that was yet to be tested. Bruce assisted us with ensuring our Chemical Dosing Systems worked without issue, that way could lessen any risk of an unintentional NPDES violation. He did this by being involved in every step of the project (from design to testing) and supported the training of his fellow operators which aided in preparing the entire Operations Team for this past Wet Weather Season, all while maintaining a genuine care for how our work could impact the environment. I can honestly say that the project wouldn’t have been as successful without Bruce.

Bruce recently passed the Grade IV Exam, which is a huge accomplishment. This exam is something operators would do in addition to their job responsibilities, and they take extra time at work and at home to study for the exam which proves greater professional development in making them qualified for promotional opportunities and proves new industry knowledge gained. It is a difficult exam to pass, and we are proud of his efforts.

In summary, Bruce is truly an All-star and I cannot think of a more deserving Operator to be highlighted in Bay Work’s “Career Spotlights” program. We at Union Sanitary District appreciate everything Bruce does for our Stakeholders, Community, Environment, and his Coworkers and look forward to seeing his growth for years to come.

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