What is BAYWORK?

The operational reliability of water and wastewater utilities depends on having both sufficient staffing in mission critical classifications and staff who are sufficiently prepared to do the work. The result is BAYWORK which was established in 2009. BAYWORK is open to all Bay Area water and wastewater utilities, many of whom have contributed to its research, workshops, and product development activities. To find out more about becoming a member, visit About BAYWORK Memberships .

When did BAYWORK start?

BAYWORK was established in June 2009. For more information, see About BAYWORK .

Who are the members of BAYWORK?

To view our BAYWORK Signatory member list, see the list on About BAYWORK .

What are the benefits of becoming a Signatory member?

Signatory members enjoy the benefits of attending BAYWORK training events, webinars, and career fairs for no additional charge, many of which qualify for continuing education units with the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the California Water Environment Association (CWEA). For more information, email us or visit our Become a Member page. Signatory members elect the officers and directors of BAYWORK.

Is BAYWORK a non-profit organization?

BAYWORK intends to file for 501.c.3 non-profit status by the end of 2020. Stay tuned!

What are BAYWORK’s goals?

BAYWORKS goals are developing qualified candidates for mission critical jobs, providing staff with the information they need to do quality work, modifying work processes to optimize use of available staff, and maximizing cost-effectiveness of workforce reliability investments through collaboration. For more information see RoadMap.

How do I find out more about BAYWORK?

We encourage you to attend BAYWORK Events.  You can also sign up for BAYWORK’s distribution list.

Can I learn about past events on your website?

Absolutely. On the Resources page under Past Events and Materials, you will find documents and videos from all of our past events, workshops, and webinars.

Teachers who attend our Teacher Externships post curriculum on the Educators’ page.

How do I post a training or public event on your website?

To post a training event or public event, go to the Post an Event page. The system administrator reviews the posting before it gets posted to the website.

Does my agency have to be a Signatory member to post an event?

No. Any water or wastewater agency, school, state agency, or training organization can post an event. All are screened. To post an upcoming event, please visit Post an Event.

What types of memberships are available?

There are three types of BAYWORK membership.

Signatory Members: Fee-paying water and wastewater utilities. Fees are based on the number of agency staff. For a list of current signatory members, see the list on our About Us page. For more information on how to join, visit About BAYWORK Member.

Associate Members: Stakeholder organizations, such as educational institutions, professional organizations, and community-based organizations. Associate members are non-voting members and pay no annual fees but contribute in-kind services. For a list of current associate members, see the list on our About Us page. For more information on how to join, visit About BAYWORK Member.

Affiliate Members: Individuals, such as students or others interested in this field who would like to attend our events and contribute to the growth of BAYWORK. This form of membership is still under development. Affiliate members are non-voting members and pay no annual fees but contribute in-kind services. For more information on how to join, visit About BAYWORK Member.

Does BAYWORK have committees and work groups?

Yes. BAYWORK has three active committees. Work groups are formed as needed.

Candidate Development and Outreach: Raises awareness of water sector careers among youth and job seekers; engages target audiences such as veterans, women, and teachers (for which we have separate work groups); implements regional training programs such as pre-apprenticeship and internship for the skilled trades.

Staff Preparedness: Provides education and training opportunities for staff currently employed in the water sector.

Website: Oversees development and maintenance of the BAYWORK website; ensures that website content is fresh and engaging.

How do I post a job opening on your job board?

Any water or wastewater agency or educational institution can post a water or wastewater job opportunity on our job board.  In order to post a job you must login to your account. If you don’t have an account please sign up for an account so you can post your job openings. If you have any additional questions, please email us.

How much does it cost to post a job opening on the BAYWORK website?

There is no charge to post your job openings on the BAYWORK website. To post job opening(s) go to our Job Posting Board and either login to your account or create an account.

How long can the job opportunity be posted on the BAYWORK’s job board?

Job openings will be posted for up to 30 days. If the job is still open after a month, login to your account to extend the deadline. If you have further questions please contact the System Administrator.

Does our agency have to be a BAYWORK Signatory member to post a job opening?

You do not need to be a Signatory member of BAYWORK to post a job opening; however, this service is only available to water and wastewater agencies, as well as schools and non-profit organizations that serve the water sector.

Does my agency have to be a Signatory member of BAYWORK for its employees to attend events?

All water and wastewater Signatory staff can attend all BAYWORK events and workshops for free. Many of our events are open to non-members’ staff. Check the Events page for upcoming training and public events.

How does my agency/organization become a BAYWORK Signatory?

To become a Signatory member go to the About BAYWORK Memberships page.

How much does it cost to become a Signatory member?

To become a BAYWORK Signatory member, there is an annual fee based on the number of your agency’s full-time equivalent employees (FTE.) For more information contact the BAYWORK Team.

What are the expectations of Signatories once they become BAYWORK members?

Each agency is asked to send one or more representatives to our annual strategic planning meeting.  Agencies are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one BAYWORK committee or work group. Member agencies pay annual fees based on their number of employees. We also encourage in-kind contributions from member agencies, such as providing meeting space, producing flyers, providing instructors or presenters at BAYWORK events.

I work for a BAYWORK Signatory but am not on your distribution list. How do I get onto BAYWORK’s email distribution list?

Sign up for the BAYWORK distribution list to receive notices about upcoming events, as well as our newsletter.  You can also visit our events page to see upcoming activities. 

Does BAYWORK have Veteran’s employment information?

Yes. Visit our Veteran’s page.

Does BAYWORK have information for educators?

Yes. BAYWORK has information on field trips, guest speakers, water industry curriculum, career resources, and more. Visit our Educator’s page.

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