Use of Mobile Devices to Optimize Use of Staffing Available (video)

November 3, 2011

Use of Mobile Devices * Smart Technology, Smarter Staff – Mobile Technology in the Workplace Clifford Chan - East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) The benefits experienced and lessons learned by EBMUD through the introduction of smarter technology. * SFPUC Mobile Discussion Ken Salmon - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Examples of the software and hardware used by various SFPUC groups. * Running Your Plant with Handheld Devices Leonard Robb - Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant How to run your plant using mobile devices and lessons learned by Littleton/Englewood. 3rd West Coast Water Utilities Workshop on Workforce Development, 2011.


File Type: video
Author: Clifford Chan, Ken Salmon, Leonard Robb
Organization: EBMUD, SFPUC, Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant
Signatory: East Bay Municipal Utility District, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Organizational Processes: Innovation to Optimize Staff Utilization, Work Modification

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