The Digital Worker a 3-Part Webinar Series


The Digital Worker: A 3-Part Webinar Series

Documents Related to the Webinar Series: Digital Worker White Paper  |  Digital Competency in the Water Industry Report


WEBINAR 1 – September 22, 2022
Digital Workforce Challenges and Lessons Learned: Leaders Tell Their Own Stories – Watch the Video

We know we need to use digital tools, but how can we use them well? Utility managers will share what they’ve learned about selection of digital tools, organizational culture, human resource issues, IT support, and staff training.
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WEBINAR 2 – September 29, 2022
Digital Competency: How to develop the candidates you will need in the future and train current staff  –  Watch the Video

How can community colleges and unions help us prepare candidates with the digital skills our industry needs? How do we provide relevant training to our current staff that will improve their use of digital tools?
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WEBINAR 3 – October 12, 2022
Digital Innovation: Which tools and strategies pay off for utilities?  –  Watch the Video

This session will introduce a range of tools now available for staff training (such as digital twins) and analysis (such as Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence), as well as guidance on protecting water and wastewater systems from cyber-security risks.
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