Intro and Panel One: Real-Life Stories and Lessons Learned

May 12, 2022

The Digital Worker - Building Our Digital Future 

Panel One: The Digital Worker – Real-Life Stories and Lessons Learned

Panelists will present case studies from their own utilities relating to specific systems, their challenges and lessons learned in relation to that tool.

Catherine Curtis – Moderator (San Francisco PUC / BAYWORK Director) Panelist:  

Shane Zondor (Fort Worth Water) – Approaching the Human Side of Digital Change

Comments - Derry Moten (EBMUD), Mary Reynolds (Central San), Emilio Cruz (Cordoba Corporation)

Also see the follow-up webinar related to this live event: Digital Workforce Challenges and Lessons Learned: Leaders Tell Their Own Stories


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Organization: BAYWORK & JVS
Signatory: BAYWORK
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Collaboration, Digital Tools, Knowledge Management, Technical Training, test, Training and Development, Work Modification, Workforce Reliability Planning

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