Panel Two: Training Qualified Candidates and Current Staff

May 12, 2022

The Digital Worker - Building Our Digital Future 

Panel Two: Training Qualified Candidates and Current Staff

Catherine Curtis – Moderator (San Francisco PUC/ BAYWORK Director) Panelist

Cheryl Davis (CKD Consulting) – Digital Competencies for Candidate Development

Jimmy Dang (Oro Loma Sanitary District) – Operator Training

Jordan Damerel (Fairfield Suisun Sewer District) – Needed Changes in Community Colleges and State Certification

Monte Hamamoto (Silicon Valley Clean Water) – Strategic Investments in Candidate Development

Also see the follow-up webinar related to this live event: Digital Competency: How to develop the candidates you will need in the future and train current staff


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Organization: BAYWORK & JVS
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Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Collaboration, Digital Tools, Knowledge Management, Technical Training, test, Training and Development, Work Modification, Workforce Reliability Planning

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