BAYWORK In-Person Training Buffet 2023

November 16, 2023

Workshop Matrix | Event Flyer

Workshop  Summaries and Presentations:

Operator Certification Testing Prep: Treatment Grades 2 & 3 – Download Presentation

Hear from an expert on preparing for Operator Certification Testing. Get advice for future certification prep. Learn strategies for success – before, during, and after the test.

Presenter: Daniel Gill, Director of Operations at DSRSD


Interviewing Basics for Promotional Opportunities – Download Presentation

A little rusty on your interviewing skills? Looking to apply for a promotion? This presentation will provide practical advice and guidance from submitting an application to interviewing with a panel.

Presenter: Dana Lawson, Senior Engineer, Central San

Who should attend: Anyone, particularly those who are younger in their career or those who haven’t interviewed in a while.


Drinking Water Storage Facilities – Distribution – Download Presentation

This class covers water storage facilities including the following topics: Calculating storage volumes and flow rates for water storage reservoirs. The types of storage facilities and the best application for each type. There will be a review of the components and appurtenances associated with storage facilities. Various methods of corrosion control will be covered, as well as the processes and procedures to drain, clean, and disinfect a storage facility.

Presenter: John Ramirez, Water Treatment Superintendent, CCWD


Transforming Industry Excellence with Leadership:
The Strategic Approach and Impact of Leadership Programs – Download Presentation

In this focused session, “Transforming Industry Excellence with Leadership”, we will kick things off with an introduction that highlights the value and significance of leadership programs in the water/wastewater industry. We will provide an overview of Union Sanitary District’s recognized leadership development program, by breaking down its essential components and explaining why they have been critical to our success. We will share some of our stories and how we have adapted the program to align with the changing needs of the District.

You will walk away with a greater understanding of the initial investment necessary and actionable steps and to effort to implement your own agency leadership development program.

Presenter: Karoline Terazzas, Organizational Performance Manager, Union Sanitary District


Recruitment & Retention Workshop Summary from UMC23 – Download Presentation

The challenges associated with developing, recruiting, and retaining qualified candidates have been exacerbated by Baby Boom retirements, a tight post-pandemic job market, the need for new skills, and increased levels of staff turnover. New strategies and resources in order for us to recruit and keep the staff we need.

Come hear a summary of the thoughts that came out of a full-day, pre-conference workshop at the 2023 Utility Management Conference.

Presenter: Catherine Curtis, CBTS Project Lead Workforce Specialist WWE, SFPUC


Nutrient Optimization Project:
What We Did, What Went Right, and Lessons Learned – Download Presentation

Presenter: Jimmy Dang, General Manager, Oro Loma Sanitary District


Professional Engineer License Exam Prep: Tips & Tricks – Download Presentation

If you are a new engineer and looking to obtain your Professional Engineering license, this presentation will provide an overview of the application and testing process, and provide advice on how to prepare for the exam. Learn strategies for success–before, during, and after the test.

Presenter: Dana Lawson, Senior Engineer, Central San

Who should attend: Entry-level engineers.


Valley Water’s Next Gen Career Pathways Program: A Catalyst for Statewide Economic Development and Educational Enhancement – Download Presentation

The Valley Water Next-Gen Career Pathways initiative is a coordinated system of programs and services supporting equitable access for students from disadvantaged communities in the transition from school to the workforce, classroom to career. The Next Gen Career Pathways Program plays a pivotal role in California’s overarching strategy to invigorate regional economies, bolster education-to-career pathways in Santa Clara County, and foster inclusivity by partnering with organizations dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities.

Please join Mera Burton, Supervising Program Administrator for Valley Water’s Next-Gen Career Pathways Program, who will discuss how the program aligns with these objectives and introduces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies and best practices tailored for the water industry.

Presenter: Mera Burton; Supervising Program Administrator – Valley Water Next-Gen Career Pathways Program

Who should attend: Anyone who sees value in inspiring the next generation water workforce.


Operator Certification Testing Prep:
Activated Sludge and Anaerobic Digestion – Download Presentation

Come hear from an expert on preparing for Operator Certification Testing. Get advice for future certification prep. Learn strategies for success – before, during, and after the test.

Presenter: Monte Yamamoto, Chief Operating Officer, Silicon Valley Clean Water


Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) – Watershed Modeling and Decision Tool for Reservoir Operations in Northern CA – Download Presentation

Presenter: Les Layng, Associate Biologist, Valley Water


How Can Mentorship Be Used to Unlock Your Individual and Organizational Potential? BAYWORK’s New Cross Agency Mentorship Program (CAMP) Could Be the Answer – Download Presentation

This presentation will explore the value of mentorship as a powerful tool for professional development, knowledge-sharing, and skill-building. Baywork is launching a new Cross-Agency Mentorship Program (CAMP) to facilitate sharing knowledge, best practices, and succession planning strategies within and across Bay Area water and wastewater agencies. Leveraging the knowledge and insights gained from Valley Water’s internal mentorship programs and online mentoring tool, Baywork is building a multi-agency effort to facilitate a culture of growth and development across our industry.

Presenter: Steve Currie, Workforce Development Program Manager (DEI Division), Contra Costa Water District




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