Workforce Reliability Planning Workshops of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

May 17, 2011

May 19

Coordinated Candidate Development: How Utilities, Professional Associations, and Educational Institutions are Working Together in Waco to Create New Water Operators

Glenda Dunn and Teresa Bryant, Water Utility Services, Waco, Texas
Video     |    Presentation     |     Opflow Workforce Management Article     |     Partnership for Water Education Leaflet

May 24

The City of San Diego One Stop Shop Training Model

Stuart Karasik, Public Utilities Department, City of San Diego, California
Video     |    Presentation     |     Quarterly Training Calendar     |    The Class Connection      |      Certification Requirements SOP      |      Training Program SOP

May 31

Matching our Workforce Development Investments to our Workforce Development Goals

Jeff Crockett, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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June 2

The Only Constant is Change – Job Redesign and Technical Knowledge Transfer at Metro Vancouver

Sharon Peters and Jennifer Crosby, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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June 7

Competency Analysis as a Basis for Documentation and Technical Training

Jim McPherson, Union Sanitary District, Union City, California
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June 21

Developing Workforce; Managing Knowledge

Cindy Goodburn, Little/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant, Englewood, Colorado
Video      |      Presentation      |      Apprentice Plant Operator Agreement      |      SOP Template

June 30

Corporate Culture Change

Jill Duerig, Zone 7 Water Agency, Livermore, California; and John Rossi, Western Municipal Water District, Riverside, California
Video      |     Presentation

July 7

Mentoring as a Component of Leadership Development

Maria Marques, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California
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July 14

Moving from Vision to Reality

Pat McCafferty and Tony Kelly, Yarra Valley Water, Mitcham, Victoria, Australia
Video 1      |      Video 2

July 21

To Improve Staffing Efficiency

David Huey, Water Operations Manager, Contra Costa Water District, Contra Costa, California
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