Workforce Innovations: Optimizing Use of Staffing Available

November 10, 2010

Agenda PDF

Overview Powerpoint

I. Welcome – Ray Towne, Foster CityVideo

II. Workshop Overview – Cheryl Davis, BAYWORK Chair

III. Increased Use of Technology

  1. Survey Findings – Joanna DeSa, Sunnyvale
  2. SFPUC’s Use of Field Computing and Automated Meter Reading – Kevin Barry, Heather Pohl, SFPUC
  3. San Jose’s Use of Geographic  Information System Technology  – Tim Hayes, San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant – Video
  4. Discussion of Future Possibilities – All

IV. Modification of Work Processes and Classifications

  1. Survey Findings – Patrick Sweetland, Daly City
  2. Foster City’s Consolidation of Roles and Responsibilities – Ray Towne, Foster City, Sergio Ramirez
  3. North Marin Water District’s Restructuring of Construction, Operations and Maintenance Groups – Robert Clark, North Marin Water District
  4. Discussion of Future Possibilities – All

V. Break

VI. Hybrid Approaches and Ideas for the FutureVideo

  1. Survey Findings – Dianne Landeros, North Marin Water District
  2. EBMUD’s Integrated Approach to Upgrading Productivity and the Knowledge of Wastewater Treatment Operators – John Walker, EBMUD
  3. Opportunities for Efficiency at the Agency and Inter-Agency Level – Ray Busch, San Leandro Water Pollution Control Plant
  4. Discussion of Future Possibilities – All
VII. Wrap Up and Future Actions  – Cheryl Davis, BAYWORK Chair

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