Strategic Investment in Staff Knowledge

February 04, 2015




Jim Fiedler, COO, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Purpose of Workshop

Ingrid Bella, Vice-Chair, BAYWORK
Robert Scott, Chair, BAYWORK Staff Preparedness Subcommittee
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Avoiding Risk by Investing in Staff Knowledge

Implementing a Practical Knowledge Transfer Program

Patrick Ibarra, Co-founder and Partner, Mejorando Group; Glendale, Arizona
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Standard Operating Procedures as Building Blocks for Staff Preparedness

Standard Operating Procedures – Building Blocks for Staff Preparedness

Cindy Goodburn, Business Services Manager, Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant; Englewood, Colorado
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SOP Cooperative

Gary Edwards, Supervisor, Water Transmission & Distribution, Aurora City Water Utility; Aurora, Colorado
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Power Utility Perspective

Knowledge Capture at SMUD

Gabriel Lewall, Learning & Development Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento, California
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Evolution of a Strong In-House Training Team

Lisa Brady, Workforce Development Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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The Employee’s Perspective: Benefits of Investing in Staff Knowledge

The Benefits of Staff Knowledge

Erika Richardson Koh, Product Director, Global Training, Great Place To Work®
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Combining Skill Sets to Get the Best Products

Ensuring Effective MV Knowledge Management

Tameeza Jivraj, Senior Project Engineer, Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Learning & Development Processes & Tools

Carl Luckenbill, Lead Training Officer, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, California
Chad Thigpen, Training Officer, SFPUC
Brenda Donald, Wastewater Control Inspector, SFPUC
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Recording the Knowledge Footprints

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District’s “Yellow Book”

Steve Sauter, Field Operations Superintendent, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, Martinez, California
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Recording the Knowledge Footprints

Clifford Chan, Operations and Maintenance Department Manager, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California
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