South Bay Workshop on Wheels

June 04, 2014

BAYWORK South Bay Workshop on Wheels

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Read About the Innovations Seen at Seven Locations at this Event


Continuous Upgrades in Biological Nutrient Removal and Energy Savings

San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility- Jim Ervin and Mike D’Arcy
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Largest Northern California Facility that Treats Secondary Effluent to Potable Standards

Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center – Steve Twitchell (SCVWD) and Hugh Logan (City of San José)
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An Emergency Intertie between SFPUC & SCVWD for Water Supply Reliability

SFPUC/Santa Clara Valley Water District Intertie – John Cook (SCVWD)
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Achieving Phase III Completion of AWWA Partnership for Safe Water Distribution System Optimization

San José Water Company – Moss Operations Center – Adam Feffer
Video     |     Handout     |     Feffer

Monitoring and Tracking Water Quality Complaints with GIS

San José Water Company – Moss Operations Center – Francois Rodigari
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Operating a Distribution System to Optimize Cost Savings

San José Water Company – Moss Operations Center – Curt Rayer
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CMMS, GIS, and Scaled Integration Technology

West Valley Sanitation District – Kelvin Hatchett
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Water Treatment: Phasing in the New While Operating the Old

Rinconada Water Treatment Plant – Steve Twitchell
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Storm Water Trash Capture Devices and Pumping

Sunnyvale Storm Pump Station – Dan Stevenson
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