Drought: How Utilities Are Managing the Lack of Water

March 03, 2022

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Drought is on all of our minds, and may be here to stay. Hear panelists from four BAYWORK agencies discuss how their utilities have responded to the drought, the challenges they are facing and future plans for dealing with climate change. The panelists will address various aspects of drought response, such as public communications, water supply and watershed management.



Drought: How Utilities Are Managing the Lack of Water


Pam Jeane, Assistant General Manager –Operations, Sonoma Water

Linda Hu, Manager of Water Supply Improvements, East Bay Municipal Utility District 

Alice Towey, Manager of Water Conservation, East Bay Municipal Utility District

Tami Church, Associate Water Resource Planner, Zone 7 Water

Kirsten Struve, Assistant Officer –Water Supply Division, ValleyWater

Moderator: Robert Scott, BAYWORK President and Technical Training Program Administrator, Valley Water

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