BAYWORK Virtual Training Buffet 2021

November 16, 2021

Class Summaries


Moving Water Efficiency into the 21st Century

Instructors: Alice Towey, Manager of Water Conservation, EBMUD & Charles Bohlig, Supervisor of Water Conservation, EBMUD



Using Dashboards to Optimize Performance & Regulatory Compliance

Instructors: Patrick McGrath, Grade V WWTP Operator, San Luis Obispo Water Resource Recovery Facility; Ryan Shepherd, President of Databrook



Everything you NEED to know about the NEW DDW OpCert Testing!! 

 Instructor: Sue Murphy, Water Quality Specialist, Solano Irrigation District 



Don’t Put This Off: Strategies to Address Procrastination 

Instructor: Karoline Terrazas, Organizational Performance Manager, Union Sanitary District 



Training the Workforce of Tomorrow 


● Jonathan Burgess, Utility Maintenance Manager, Valley Water 

● Robert Scott, Technical Training Program Administrator, Valley Water 

● Scott Goodell, Manager, IEWorks 

Moderator: Michael Kushner, Manager, BAYWORK 



The Digital Worker: Using Digital Tools to Deliver Water Services 

Instructor: Catherine Curtis, BAYWORK Board Member, Workforce Reliability, CBTS Task Force Lead, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Wastewater Enterprise 


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