BAYWORK Training Buffet 2015

November 17, 2015

Knowledge Transfer – A Toolkit that Works for Water & Wastewater Utilities

Gabriel Lewall, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Presentation     |     Handout     |     Video Presentation

Drought Responses – Recycled Water Give-Away

Levi Fuller, Dubin San Ramon Services District
Presentation      |     Video Presentation     |      Video Q&A

Drought Responses – Alternate Water Reuse

John Scarpulla, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Presentation      |     Video Presentation      |      Video Q&A

Strategic Succession Planning

Derry Moten & Maria Marques, East Bay Municipal Utility District
Presentation      |      Video Presentation      |      Video Q&A

Water Quality for Everyone

Ana Corti, City of Pittsburg

Interviewing Skills & Techniques to Help Achieve Your Career Goals

Peggy Donatelli, Debra Williams, and Dolores Grissom, Santa Clara Valley Water District
Presentation      |      Video Presentation

Bringing an Advanced Water Purification System Online

Pam John, Santa Clara Valley Water District
Presentation      |      Video Presentation      |      Video Q&A

Leadership in Safety

Larry Olivan, Oro Loma Sanitary District
Presentation      |      Video Presentation

BEST Water Reference Materials

Sue Murphy, Solano Irrigation District
Presentation      |      Handout      |      Book List

An Overview of Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management, & Labor Relations

Teji O’Malley, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Presentation     |     Video Presentation      |      Q&A Video

Managing a Technical Training Production Project

Chris Albon, Brenda Donald, & other SFPUC staff
Presentation     |     Video Presentation

Open Forum – Drinking Water & Wastewater Operator Certification Programs

Annette Caraway, State Water Resources Control Board
Presentation     |     Form     |     Program Comparison Presentation     |     Comparison Sheet     |     Video Presentation      |      Video Q&A

Wastewater Treatment Plant Compliance

James Ervin, City of San José
Presentation     |     Video Presentation

A Lighthearted Approach to Spill Incidents

Larry Olivan, Oro Loma Sanitary District

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