BACWWE Operator Certification Exam Prep Sessions

February 28, 2019

Class Descriptions

State Water Resource Control Board:

Title: OOC Application Issues

Instructor: Annette Caraway, Chief, Operator Certifications, SWRCB

Wastewater Treatment Operator Exam Prep Sessions:

Title: An Overview of Disinfection Processes and Operational Considerations

Instructor: Dave Harrold, Maintenance Supervisor, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District; Trainer and Consultant, Viridian Wastewater Consulting

Title: An Overview of Primary and Secondary Clarifiers and their Operational Considerations

Instructor: Benjamin Carver, Operations Supervisor for Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District; Certification Exam Trainer at Viridian Wastewater Consulting

Title: Activated Sludge, the Math and Mechanics of Keeping it Healthy

Instructor: Meryl Abramson, Lead Operator, City of Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility
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Title: An Overview of Anaerobic Digestion – Solids Thickening and Dewatering Technologies

Instructor: Monte Hamamoto, Silicon Valley Clean Water Chief Operating Officer; Adjunct Professor of Water Wastewater Technology at Solano College and Gavilan College

Water Treatment Operator Prep Classes for Grades 1 – 3:

Title: Water Treatment Introduction, Reservoirs/Plant Intake Structures, Raw Water Quality Management

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Title: Pre-Oxidation, Coagulation/Flocculation, Sedimentation, and Solids Removal

Presentation 2

Title: Ozonation, Filtration, CT-Disinfection

Presentation 3

Title: Corrosion Control, Distribution, and Nitrification, Regulations

Instructor: Daniel Gill, Water Treatment Superintendent, East Bay Municipal Utility District
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Water Distribution Operator Prep Classes for Grades 1 – 3:

Title: Distribution System Regulations

Instructor: Colter Andersen, Production Manager, Zone 7 Water Agency

Title: Distribution System Flushing and Valve Exercising Program

Instructor: Dan Martin, Water/Wastewater Systems Operations & Maintenance Supervisor, Dublin San Ramon Services District

Title: Drinking Water Storage Facilities

Instructor: Levi Fuller, Plant Operations Supervisor, Dublin San Ramon Services District

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