Women Mentoring Women Speed Mentoring Event Success


About the Event

“It was refreshing to be in a women-dominated space and talk about water careers. Just to have that experience is needed and feels validating”… and…“What I liked most about the event is that the women professionals are very sincere and open in sharing their experience of how to plan and get prepared for their career advancement.  All the advice provided is really helpful”…were a few comments made after the first Baywork virtual Women Mentoring Women – Speed Mentoring event hosted by the Women in Trades Committee on June 23rd.

The event connected 45 women from 28 different agencies to hear the stories and experiences of an esteemed panel of 14 women mentors. With over 60 minutes of engagement, each participant had the opportunity to hear from California professional women in water/wastewater representing the functional areas of Environmental Science, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance, and Executive Leadership.

Who is Baywork Women in Trades Committee

The mission of the Baywork Women in Trades Committee is to enhance diversity and strengthen the sustainability of the utility sector by bringing more women into the industry and supporting their career success, especially those working in skilled trades, operations, & maintenance occupations. We do this by 1) raising awareness of water, wastewater, and other utility careers among school-aged girls and women, 2) helping connect women to jobs in our sector, and 3) supporting the advancement of women currently working in the industry.

How You Can Become Involved

Are you passionate about women in water and wastewater? Want to plan the next successful women’s event? Join us for a virtual monthly committee meeting. Details are found here!

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