Valley Water’s Next Gen Career Pathways Program  – Presentation

November 16, 2023


Valley Water’s Next Gen Career Pathways Program: A Catalyst for Statewide Economic Development and Educational Enhancement

The Valley Water Next-Gen Career Pathways initiative is a coordinated system of programs and services supporting equitable access for students from disadvantaged communities in the transition from school to the workforce, classroom to career. The Next Gen Career Pathways Program plays a pivotal role in California’s overarching strategy to invigorate regional economies, bolster education-to-career pathways in Santa Clara County, and foster inclusivity by partnering with organizations dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities. Please join Mera Burton, Supervising Program Administrator for Valley Water’s Next-Gen Career Pathways Program, who will discuss how the program aligns with these objectives and introduces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies and best practices tailored for the water industry. Presenter: Mera Burton; Supervising Program Administrator – Valley Water Next-Gen Career Pathways Program


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Author: Mera Burton
Organization: Valley Water
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Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Collaboration, Competency Analysis, Documentation, Knowledge Sharing Systems

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