Using Dashboards to Optimize Performance & Regulatory Compliance

November 16, 2021

WaterFront is the automatic aggregation and analysis of all of the SLO WRRF's operational data. It increases operator confidence in the decision making process, expedites onboarding and strengthens the WRRF's ability to consistently produce high quality effluent. The concept of plant health, an Operator initiative, was developed in the early stages of this project by the Operations team. PowerFront is largely the same, but with powerful visualizations displayed in open source software that provide real time monitoring of a utility's power consumption. Instructors: Patrick McGrath, Grade V WWTP Operator, San Luis Obispo Water Resource Recovery Facility; Ryan Shepherd, President of Databrook

Recommended Audience: Ops/management/data scientists/business analysts/laboratory


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Organization: BAYWORK
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Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Knowledge Management, Technical Training, Work Modification, Workforce Reliability Planning

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