Transforming Industry Excellence with Leadership – Presentation

November 16, 2023


Transforming Industry Excellence with Leadership: The Strategic Approach and Impact of Leadership Programs

In this focused session, “Transforming Industry Excellence with Leadership”, we will kick things off with an introduction that highlights the value and significance of leadership programs in the water/wastewater industry. We will provide an overview of Union Sanitary District’s recognized leadership development program, by breaking down its essential components and explaining why they have been critical to our success. We will share some of our stories and how we have adapted the program to align with the changing needs of the District. You will walk away with a greater understanding of the initial investment necessary and actionable steps and to effort to implement your own agency leadership development program. Presenter: Karoline Terazzas, Organizational Performance Manager, Union Sanitary District


File Type: pdf
Author: Karoline Terazzas
Organization: Union Sanitary District
Signatory: Union Sanitary District
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Collaboration, Documentation, Staff Development

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