Training the Workforce of Tomorrow

November 17, 2021


In order to meet our need for more skilled maintenance & operations workers, the water sector needs to offer more structured and intentional on-the-job training. Apprenticeship and internship can not only help meet our need for new workers, but address our diversity challenges as well. Join this conversation among former apprentices and apprentice program coordinators.


● Jonathan Burgess, Utility Maintenance Manager, Valley Water

● Robert Scott, Technical Training Program Administrator, Valley Water

● Scott Goodell, Manager, IEWorks

Moderator: Michael Kushner, Manager, BAYWORK


File Type: video
Organization: BAYWORK
Signatory: Valley Water
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing Systems, Management Engagement, Organizational Recruitment Process, Staff Development, Technical Training, Training and Development, Workforce Reliability Planning

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