The Digital Worker: Using Digital Tools to Deliver Water Services

November 17, 2021


This workshop will outline the research and process BAYWORK underwent to produce the white paper on the Digital Worker: Using Digital Tools to Deliver Water Services. This workshop will give the audience samples of challenges and lessons learned in nine categories and will be a chance to discuss these challenges and lessons learned, as well as next steps and how we can continue to collaborate on these critical areas.

Instructor: Catherine Curtis, BAYWORK Board Member, Workforce Reliability, CBTS Task Force Lead, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Wastewater Enterprise.


File Type: video
Organization: BAYWORK
Signatory: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing Systems, Management Engagement, Organizational Recruitment Process, Staff Development, Technical Training, Training and Development, Workforce Reliability Planning

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