Moving Water Efficiency into the 21st Century

November 16, 2021


 This presentation will cover EBMUD’s water conservation division’s transformation from a “widget” based conservation program to “informational services''. We will discuss how we are using technology to help our customers manage their water consumption though 

customized water use reports such as water budgets and comparative analysis combined with the long-term goal of AMI (hourly meter readings) water meters and the benefits these new water meters provide for example, leak detection, high-bill, and high-usage notifications. We will also cover the changing skill sets required to perform this new work. 

Instructors: Alice Towey, Manager of Water Conservation, EBMUD & Charles Bohlig, Supervisor of Water Conservation, EBMUD 

Recommended Audience: Persons interested in water conservation, resource management, technology, and customer service.


File Type: video
Organization: BAYWORK
Signatory: East Bay Municipal Utility District
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Knowledge Management, Technical Training, test, Training and Development, Work Modification, Workforce Reliability Planning

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