Don’t Put This Off: Strategies to Address Procrastination

November 17, 2021


Rita Mae Brown said, “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” Most of us have experienced procrastination at some point in our careers or personal lives. Did you know procrastination chronically affects 15%–25% of adults. Join us as we discuss some of the opportunities and challenges with procrastinating behaviors. We will discover why we procrastinate and strategies to help get the work done. This session is for all audiences. 

Instructor: Karoline Terrazas, Organizational Performance Manager, Union Sanitary District 

Recommended Audience: Everyone


File Type: video
Organization: BAYWORK
Signatory: Union Sanitary District
Organizational Processes: Candidate Development, Knowledge Management, Technical Training, test, Training and Development, Work Modification, Workforce Reliability Planning

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