Veterans Workforce Resources

BAYWORK knows military members are a great fit for the water and wastewater sector because of their technical expertise, dedication to mission and experience working in a regulated environment. We are working diligently with our member agencies to provide the necessary incentives and a clear career path to encourage our military men and women to join our ranks.

If you are a Vet currently employed in our industry and you would like to help others get into our industry, or just connect with other Vets in BAYWORK. Join Our Email List.

Good pay, High Job Security

Careers in water and wastewater are stable with good salaries and benefits and are found all over the country. Due to retirements in the industry, many positions are now available for people new to the industry, or for experienced water professionals. Everyone needs water and water jobs are available in every part of the country. Water and wastewater professionals serve the smallest and largest communities.

Build on your skills

The water sector prizes the skills that Veterans bring to their work, whether they are working in personnel and utility management, or as a water/wastewater operator or engineer. Former service members have initiative, are excellent at teamwork, are natural leaders and communicators, work well under stress, and will make sure they fulfill their mission of providing safe water to the community.

Salary Range
Current 2020 Salary Range for Operators in Bay Area: $78,000 – $109,000

Articles & Resources

Water Workforce of the Future Webinar Flyer & Career Resources

California-Nevada Section, AWWA Veterans Engagement & Transition Committee Flyer

Military Job Translators, to assist veterans and human resource staff in mapping and connecting military and civilian water careers

Job and Internship Postings – Veteran career opportunities within the water industry

Veterans in Water and Wastewater

Levi Fuller with Dublin San Ramon Services District talks about being a Navy veteran.

On October 8, 2020 BAYWORK joined with CWEA, CA-NV AWWA and others in this discussion by military veterans about opportunities for Vets in the water/wastewater industry.

These are Veterans who are also members of Baywork and are making a difference in their communities because of their jobs in water and wastewater.

An interview with one of our Veteran’s in the field.

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