BAYWORK Virtual Training Buffet Nov 8th to 10th 2022


BAYWORK Virtual Training Buffet 2022

Nov 8th, 9th, & 10th From 10am to 3pm PST

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Tuesday, November 8, at 10-10:50am
Nutrient Optimization Project – What We Did, What Went Right, and Lessons Learned

Description: The Oro Loma Sanitary District upgraded its Treatment Plant to remove nutrients from their influent. This action was aligned with its strategic goal to align our membership expenses with our use in East Bay Dischargers Authority (EBDA), but also noting that nutrient regulations are on the horizon. This project not only reduced the amount of nutrients going to the bay but provided a contingency plan in case of an EBDA pipeline failure due to a large enough seismic event.

Presenter: Jimmy Dang, PE, Interim General Manager, Oro Loma Sanitary District

Who should attend? – Wastewater Managers, Engineers, Operators, and Maintenance

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 11-11:50am
Aquatic Chemistry and Surface Water Quality

Description: In this presentation, you will build understanding of the “vital signs” of water quality and how water scientists use data to identify problems and make decisions. Next, Mark will discuss the major regulations pertaining to surface water quality that you should be aware of working in the water sector.

Presenter: Mark Seelos, Associate Water Resource Specialist, Valley Water

Who should attend? – You’ve heard of basic water quality variables – pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity – but are not sure exactly what they are or how they fit together. You would like to know more about water quality regulations affecting environmental, flood control, or capital projects.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 1-1:50pm
Employee Resource Groups and the Women of Water – What are ERGs, how to get started, functions and goals

Description: Women of Water is one of 13 Valley Water Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We’ll discuss how the group was started, the role of the ERG, how staff use their time, what the WOW ERG does, and what agency support is provided.

Presenters: Sunny Williams, Sr. Management Analyst & Victoria Garcia, Associate Water Resources Scientist, Valley Water

Who should attend? – Anyone who is curious about starting an ERG or understanding how ERGs can function within a public agency.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 2-2:50pm
Tradeswomen and Community College Programs – A Successful Partnership

Description: What does it take for women to achieve success in the trades?  Join this discussion to hear Diane Starr of East Bay Municipal Utility District tell her story of perseverance and patience that lead to her achieving her career goal in the machine trades.  Also hear from Laney College staff talk about their partnership with Bay Area water/wastewater agencies to prepare students for our industry’s current and future workforce needs.

Presenter: Diane Starr, Maintenance Machinist II, EBMUD & Adam Balogh, Instructor, Chair

Machine Technology Department, Laney College

Who should attend? – Utility maintenance leaders, women working in the trades, and anyone else interested in learning how we can increase the number of tradeswomen in our industry.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 10-10:50am
Wildfire and Water Resources in the Russian River Watershed – Impacts and Resilient Management Strategies

Description: Wildfire has been knocking on the door of many water agencies throughout the West in recent years. That is especially true for Sonoma Water, where roughly 1/3 of the Russian River watershed has burned since 2017.  Come hear how Sonoma Water, in collaboration with LBNL and USGS, has conducted a multi-year monitoring study to assess wildfire impacts on water quality and how results from this study are informing water resources planning.

Presenter: Stephen Maples, PhD, Water Agency Engineer II, Sonoma Water

Who should attend? – Water managers and water agency professionals interested in the intersection of wildfire, water quality, and water infrastructure resiliency.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 11-11:50am
In Conversation with Two EBMUD Executive Assistants on the Administrative Profession

Description: Hear from two administrative professionals sharing their personal experiences and insights into the administrative professional role within the water and wastewater industry. The past few years have provided tremendous change such as, providing in-person support to providing support remotely while telecommuting and navigating the ever-changing work landscape within different sized departments at EBMUD. They will discuss their challenges, what it takes to be a successful assistant in today’s utility workplace, and learn what skills and resources are needed.

Presenter: Dawn Benson & Suzanne Delbou, Executive Assistants II, East Bay Municipal Utility District

Who should attend? – Individuals who are interested in working in the administrative support profession within a water or wastewater utility including moving from field-related positions into an administrative-type office environment.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 1-1:50pm
Effective Conversations

Description: Do you find it challenging to have a difficult conversation with a peer, employee, or supervisor? Why do these conversations make us feel uncomfortable? Communication is a fundamental professional competency regardless of your position or the work that you do. There are several communication strategies available to improve the quality of these conversations– in essence moving them from difficult to effective. In this course participants will discuss the mindset when preparing to for an effective conversation, and learn the insights from leader and LinkedIn speaker, Fred Kofman, on how to have a difficult conversation and stay true to yourself. Participants will take a self- assessment and set a personal goal to improve an area focus.

Presenter: Karoline Terrazas, Organizational Performance Manager, Union Sanitary District

Who should attend? – Everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 2-2:50pm
Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology for Channel Design and Aquatic Habitat Enhancement

Description: This presentation will provide fundamental concepts of fluvial geomorphology to better understand natural dynamics of fluvial systems and natural channel design. Topics will include geomorphic classification, dynamic equilibrium, bankfull channels, and instream improvements for aquatic habitat and fish passage enhancement. The talk will provide tools and references to assist with creation of natural and self-sustaining channels.

Presenter: Denis Ruttenberg, Associate Engineer (Civil), Valley Water

Who should attend? – Anyone interested in the planning and design of instream channels to provide natural and self-sustaining systems.

Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 10-10:50am
Plastics, the Material of 1,000 Uses!

Description: California has the first government in the World to regulate Microplastics in Drinking Water, testing starts next year. Basic background, health effects, COSTS, and a look at the SIZE of the problem! How much PLASTIC did you use today? How much PLASTIC is inside you now?

Presenter: Sue Murphy, Water Quality Coordinator, Solano Irrigation District

Who should attend? – Water Quality and Laboratory Staff, Managers and Supervisors, Operations and Maintenance Staff

Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 11-11:50am
Processing Water Service Applications During COVID

Description: The Pandemic found an unexpected boom within the construction industry and new business service applications. The processing of these applications was forced changed due to health protocols. This presentation will provide insights into the technology EBMUD adapted to help continue working throughout the uncertainty of the Pandemic.

Presenter: Jack Flynn, Customer Services Manager, New Business Office, EBMUD

Who should attend? – Customer service and construction managers, supervisors, and staff in the water/wastewater industry.

Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 1-1:50pm
Maintenance: Putting it together faster than it falls apart!  Improving the quality of our Experience, Workload, and Outcomes

Description: This will be a discussion as well as a presentation.  Utility Maintenance is a work in progress – it’s the work of Continuous Improvement.  How do we organize ourselves so that we continually, and successfully, reach for our goals?  Who are we, what are our roles, and what are the goals?

Presenter: Eric Karo, Supervising Industrial Electrician, Treatment Plant Maintenance Unit, Valley Water

Who should attend? – Aspiring and entry level utility maintenance workers, journey level skilled tradespeople, maintenance leads, supervisors, and managers.  Anyone working to help their Maintenance Program succeed may benefit and everyone has something to contribute.  Operations personnel are welcome!

Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 2-2:50pm
Aspire. Diversify. Empower. Lead – Creating Career Pathways with Valley Water’s Next-Gen Workforce Development Program

Description: The Valley Water Next-Gen Workforce Development career pathways initiative is a coordinated system of programs and services supporting equitable access for students from disadvantaged communities in the transition from school to the workforce, classroom to career. Valley Water’s Next-Gen Workforce Development Program is a comprehensive system to support local high school and college students with career readiness skills and experiences, and to attract diverse college candidates from disadvantaged and under-represented communities to participate in Valley Water’s summer internship opportunity. Please join Mera Burton, Program Manager for Valley Water Next-Gen Workforce Development Program, who will discuss Valley Water’s innovative approach to developing the next generation of water-workers, and how their model can easily be replicated and implemented in other agencies throughout the Bay Area.

Presenter: Mera Burton; Program Manager (Rotation) – Valley Water Next-Gen Workforce Development Program & Ingrid Bella; Valley Water Human Resources Unit Manager

Who should attend? – Anyone who sees value in inspiring the next generation water workforce.

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