Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant – SFO (7372)

City and County of San Francisco | San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Salary Range: $117,442/Yearly
Open Date: 01/06/2022
Close Date: 01/28/2022

Position Description

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is seeking a dynamic journey-level Stationary Engineer to join a world class organization. As a Plant Operator and/or plant mechanic, you will be tasked with operating and maintaining a wide variety of complex machinery and equipment in a sewage treatment plant.

Job Description
Appointment Type: Provisional. A provisional appointee must participate and be successful in a Civil Service Examination process for this classification and be selected through an open competitive process in order to be considered for a permanent appointment. Provisional appointments may not exceed three (3) years.

Under general supervision, incumbents in this journey-level position function as plant operators and/or plant mechanics and are responsible for operating and maintaining a wide variety of complex machinery and equipment in a sewage treatment plant.

The essential functions of this classification include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Makes regular visual, audio, olfactory and tactile inspections and/or manual tests of all plant machinery and equipment, including auxiliary equipment, in an assigned area or pumping station, maintaining logs and records of required maintenance, completed maintenance, equipment and work order history by taking periodic readings of gauges and meters to ensure that sewage plant is working safely, efficiently and properly; and to provide an accurate record of maintenance, preventive maintenance, equipment, and work order history.

2. Performs a variety of manual tasks requiring the handling of equipment exposed to raw sewage; collects and performs simple assessments of raw sewage and chemical samples on prescribed schedule at specific locations by making chemical and physical assessments to assess the efficiency of the treatment processes and to ensure compliance with the NPDES Permit (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, Permit).

3. Operates, inspects, maintains, overhauls and makes major and minor repairs to wide variety of pumping, heating, ventilating, process machinery and equipment in a wastewater treatment plant or pumping station, including pumps, bar racks, grit collectors, conveyors and washers, chlorinators, evaporators and storage tanks, sludge collectors, drive units, deodorizing equipment and a wide variety of metering and recording devices to assure the safety and efficiency of equipment and facilities; includes lubricating and greasing machinery and equipment; cleaning and maintaining machinery, equipment and facility to ensure safety and equipment reliability.

4. Inspects sewage pipe lines, tanks and gates to check for the condition of equipment, for infiltration and blockage of debris and build-up of mineral deposits, etc., by draining tanks, by monitoring pressure and flow indicators and by visual inspection to determine any problem areas to ensure proper operation.

5. Operates, inspects and maintains solids treatment and flocculating chemical systems by monitoring and adjusting flow indicators or controllers, by visual inspection and by analysis of samples to ensure optimum treatment.

6. Operates, inspects and maintains disinfection and dechlorination systems by performing tests and analyzing sample to determine proper chemical dosages to ensure that effluent or final discharge meets Regional and State pollution control requirement.

7. May assist in training and in supervising work of apprentices or other trainees by oral instruction and hands-on demonstration in the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment processes to ensure competent performance of required skills by apprentices and other trainees.

Position Qualifications

Verification: Applicants are required to attach verification documentation when submitting their application.

1. Four (4) years of verifiable journey-level Stationary Engineer, Plant Operator and/or Plant Mechanic experience in the operation, maintenance, and repair of a variety of mechanical and electrical pumping, heating, air-conditioning, ventilating, and related plant machinery of wastewater treatment plant; government establishment; hospital; industrial, production, or commercial building; OR

2. Completion of a recognized four-year Stationary Engineer Apprenticeship Program; OR

3. Graduation from a recognized four-year Maritime Academy with a degree in Engineering or Technology; OR

4. Possession of at least a 3rd Assistant Marine Engineer's License of any unrestricted horsepower (experience as an Oiler or Firetender will not be accepted as qualifying); OR

5. Possession of an FAA Airframe or Power Plant Certificate AND four (4) years of verifiable experience in an Airframe or Powerplant mechanic or maintenance technician capacity that utilizes the certificate; AND

6. Possession of a valid driver's license.

Notes on Qualifying Experience and Education:
1. If an operator is hired with an OIT (Operator-in-Training) Certificate, upon expiration of the OIT Certificate, the Operator must have a California Grade I Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate; within two (2) years of obtaining a California Grade I Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate, the Operator is required to obtain a California Grade II Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate. If an Operator is hired with a California Grade I Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate, within two (2) years of appointment, the Operator is required to obtain a California Grade II Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate.

2. Failure to meet the requirement set forth in Note 1 may be the basis for termination or dismissal from employment.

3. Passing the exam to obtain a California Grade III Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate within six (6) years of appointment is highly encouraged.

4. Upon appointment to employment, and then on an annual basis, employees will be required to pass a State-mandated Respirator Medical Examination and be clean-shaven as required for use, and at least annually for respirator and self-contained breathing apparatus fitting.

5. For Operator positions, candidates are required to obtain six educational points as defined by State of California Water Resources Control Board. For details, please see attached link (Sections: 3685 – 3687).

How to Apply

You must submit an on-line application in order to be considered. To apply, copy and past this link into a browser:

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