BAYWORK Spotlight – Women in Trades: Tyrese Powell-Slotterbeck


Tyrese Powell-Slotterbeck – Reclamation Plant Operator II 

Tyrese was nominated by her peers for her commitment to service and passion for women in the trades. Most recently, she joined a women’s panel hosted by Baywork and CWEA, discussing the barriers for women in water. 

She joined the water industry in 2014 and has served as an Operator at Otay Water since September 2018. 

Certifications and Skills: 

CA Wastewater Operator Grade 3, and a 1 year internship 

What interested you to pursue a career in the field? 

“At first, I was reluctant to start a career in the field. Once I gave it a try, I realized that there’s more to operations. My father is also a wastewater operator and he encouraged me to become one. With time I recognized that operations is where I wanted to be.”

If you can provide one piece of advice for women entering the field, what would it be? 

“I would advise women to be consistent, flexible, and to never give up. I have days when I think to myself, Why am I’m here? I should give up. This isn’t for me. I’m physically not strong enough for this job. And there were moments I gave up and other moments I excelled. Strength comes in many ways and as women in this industry, we must choose to be strong.” 

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