ACWA’s 2024-25 Scholarship – CLOSED


ACWA’s 2024-25 Scholarship Applications is closed.

Members encouraged to promote opportunities in their communities

Each year, ACWA awards several different scholarships to qualified graduate and undergraduate students majoring in water resources-related fields and is encouraging member agencies to utilize the updated Scholarship Toolkit to help promote the opportunities with eligible students.  

To assist members in promoting available scholarship opportunities in their communities, ACWA has updated its Scholarship Toolkit for the 2024-’25 academic year. The complete toolkit is available to members on ACWA’s website and includes the following items: 

Scholarship guidelines: Members are encouraged to share these guidelines with their local UC and CSU colleges, along with students, employees and the public before the March 1 deadline. 

Arthur L. Littleworth Best Best & Krieger Diversity Scholarship, one $10,000 award that will be distributed evenly over four years ($2,500 per year)
ACWA Scholarship, two $3,500 awards  
Clair A. Hill Scholarship, one $5,000 award  
Edward G. “Jerry” Gladbach Scholarship, one $2,500 award
Stephen K. Hall Water Law and Policy Scholarship, one $10,000 award

Ways to Promote the Scholarships

  • Sample Social Media Posts and Graphics: Sample posts and graphics are available to help members share information about ACWA’s scholarships on their social media accounts. The graphics are also available in a zip file.  
  • Sample Newsletter or Website Article: A sample article is available to help members promote available ACWA scholarships in their newsletter or on their website.  
  • Website “Widget”: Those that wish to promote ACWA scholarship opportunities may post this graphic on their agency’s website and link it to the ACWA Scholarships page at


For questions about ACWA’s scholarship program, please contact ACWA Director of Communications Heather Engel at (916) 669-2387. 

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